─ About Us

Crystal Marble Polishing is a family-owned and operated business working for you in the Northwest Florida area with over 25 years of experience. We started in South Florida in 1994, moved to Las Vegas in 2006, and have been in the Northwest Florida area since 2012. Our flooring specialists are trained by the best, most knowledgeable professionals available in the industry with customer satisfaction being the ultimate goal. Crystal Marble Polishing uses only the highest quality equipment and materials to give your floor the look you paid to get. Why have an expensive stone floor that looks dull when you can have Crystal Marble Polishing give your floor a marble-ous makeover and get it back looking the way YOU want it to!

We offer competitive pricing with our excellent workmanship and professional service.

Call for a free estimate at your home…you’ll be glad you did!!


• Phone850-585-3132

• E-mail: nwfl@crystalmarblepolishing.com

• Location: Northwest Florida and Gulf Coast

High, Medium, or Low shine…We will give you an on-site sample of our work, so you can decide exactly what you want your floors to look like.